1. Watching gameplay walkthroughs with my siblings! Visit TheRadBrad on youtube because he’s totally the best.
  2. Spending thursdays with great people
  3. Debut parties 
  4. Shopping for new clothes and shoes
  5. Spending the weekends with my watercolors 
  6. 22nd floor view from my condominium
  7. Received a very good comment from my father 
  8. The long weekend
  9. Fetching my brothers on my free time
  10. Sweater weather 
  11. Swimming with my sister
  12. Eating whatever I want but still keeping myself healthy
  13. getting compliments from the people I really admire 
  14. Benilde Blazers won over San Beda yesterday. I’m totally proud for them right now and I’m really hoping that they’ll keep it up.
  15. Accepting that I’m not getting any younger. Hello August!

Another list before the month of July ends! I’m actually sick right now but doing nothing makes everything worse. I decided to write a few things that made me happy the whole month because I was frustrated last night because of some reasons. Anyway, listing a few things did cheer me up a bit and hopefully I’ll be okay soon. 

Because at the end of the day, people only care about what they feel and wouldn’t care an inch about you.


READING my old children encyclopaedias and Reader’s Digest magazines that had been stuck in my room for years. Taking these out of my cabinet was the best thing I’ve done for the past few weeks! I got a lot of free time lately and I spend most of it on reading books, surfing the net and practicing watercolour. 

WRITING a gratitude list! My father read my happy list a few days ago and he told me that I should also try to write gratitude list. My goal now is to write 18 things to be thankful for before my birthday this August and share it here on my blog. 

LISTENING lazy weekend playlist on Spotify. There are a tons of schoolwork needed to be done but the long weekend is making me lazy. I cannot find any motivation to get up from my bed, oh gad.

THINKING of how will I make the remaining days productive before thursday. There are a lot of stuff going with my mind right now and thinking all about it once is making me stressful. My nineteenth birthday is getting nearer! I don’t know if I’m going to be happy that my teen years will be over soon. Ahhhhh, I don’t know what to feel.

SMELLING coffee and sweet and spicy pancit canton that I cooked for my miryenda. I think one of my guilty pleasures is eating 5 or more pancit canton in one seating! I can’t believe I’m still healthy.

WISHING that I, or the bloggers I really love will win the BBE contest. I’m not keeping my hopes up but winning, traveling, meeting new people and learning their culture are the things that I would be thankful for if I will win. Goodluck for those who joined and message me your profiles!

HOPING to be enrolled in A-1 driving school before September. My father told me that he’s going to enrol me and my sister as soon as he got home. My sister and I already know how to drive but my father wants us to learn from the professionals. Also, My sister was born on the same date of my birthday and she chose a new car over a debut. I also told my father that I’ll be using our car more often as soon as I get my license because I’m getting tired of wasting half of my allowance for buses and taxis.

WEARING the comfiest sweater and pajama that I just bought last week. The weather has been gloomy and rainy so far and my sweaters are finally happy that I’ll be using them again.

LOVING the heels I wore on my last blog post. I fell in love with it when my sister and I went to forever21 last week and I was so glad that it has my size, plus, it will match everything in my closet. 

WANTING to get a new theme for my blog, but I cannot find anything better than what I’m currently using now. I don’t know what’s lacking or maybe I’m just not contented.

NEEDING a new hairstyle for August! I don’t want to cut my hair so it means, I will be aiming for a perm. Preferably big curls to suit my face shape and body.

FEELING happy that I’m finally getting used to watercolor again. Thanks for the encyclopedias for the inspirations and knowledge! The only productive thing I’ve done for the past few days is painting and working out. Nothing related to school. I know, I suck.

CLICKING on my desktop and deleting old unnecessary photos from my phone. The last thing I want to happen is to clutter and destroy my laptop.

I hope everyone’s having a good day! I just realized that we only have a few days left until August. It will take time before it sinks in to me that I only have a year left before the end of my teenage years, some people call it, reality.

In all honesty: on clothes and shoes

Some of my friends loves to buy clothes from divisoria, online shops, and up to the branded ones. I never had any dilemma when it comes to buying clothes before, I trusted my parents taste in fashion until I graduated high school. Honestly, the first year of college was a culture shock and a pressure for me! I see myself as the jologs one in our group but because of my college friends and studying fashion, I finally know what clothes I need to buy and wear.


My first priority when buying new clothes are the quality and of course, the fabric. I tried tons of online shops before but they always fail me, there are only few online shops that I truly trust. I grew up wearing clothes that my father buys abroad because of his work, while my mom always spoil me and my sister when we were kids. To be honest with you guys, I’m very picky just like my father but it doesn’t mean I buy tons when I am in a store.


When it comes to shoes tho, I am very different. I am the kind of person who you can see wearing the same shoes for days. I have tons, unused because I always make sure that my whole outfit always match and I need to be comfortable. My feet are so big that it always damage my favourite shoes that I completely lost hope that my shoes will last for a year or so.


You can never see me wearing the same outfit when it comes to occasions because I made a promise to myself; I will collect tons of pretty dresses and pretty high heels and put them in my future walk in cabinet. I always day dream of having tons of nice shoes and clothes when I grow up. Baby steps for now because I don’t have any stable job yet but as soon as I get a job, I cannot wait to do what I have always dream of.



DRESS: People are People

SHOES: Forever21

I guess what lacks to me are the love for jewelries and makeup but unfortunately, I don’t think I will be one. I really love makeups and how it makes women and even men so beautiful. I tried using it before, but I only get allergies after. Jewelries are girls best friend? Not for me. Jewelries are very expensive and I always get allergies after wearing even for a very short period of time. I buy once in a while but I’ll never be in to it as much as I want to.

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles." - Anne Frank

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