1. Horror movies marathon with my siblings

2. Staying positive despite of all the stress that my schoolwork has been giving to me since the second term has started.

3. Looking through some old photo albums

4. Constantly cooking dinner for my family every time I get home from Manila.

5. Visiting fabric warehouse for the very first time  and buying my own body form for my draping class.

6. Random dates with Jieno

7. Some of my photos got chosen for the curated VSCO grid. 

8. Eating hundred times healthier and cutting out coffee (slowly but surely).

9. Being physically stronger now than last year. No more unhealthy diets for me.

10. My skin got healthier and fairer after getting tons of breakouts because of my diet before.

11. In good terms with all the people that surrounds me.

12. Dyeing my hair black again.

13. Bowling with my family and high school friends.

14. Buying random gifts for my mother and sister.

15. Doing things I thought I can never do before. 

It’s Sunday and the weather did not fail me. It’s the perfect day to unwind after all the tiring things I have done for the past few days. As of now, I am really busy because I’m taking up my majors but I cannot wait to take a break with my family. My grandmother will be celebrating her birthday on September 27 in Tarlac. I cannot wait to visit her and my cousins! It’s a long four to five hours drive, so it means our family will be having a great road trip.

My father went to Cebu yesterday and he sent a few photos from Cebu immediately. Every time my father travels, he never forgets to send me photos on Facebook and here are some of the photos my father sent me that I want to share with all of you. Looking at these photos made me want to strive more so that I can achieve what I really want after college. To live my life to the fullest and travel. 

My life lately has been pretty much like a wheel. There are days that I love and there are some days that I’m not looking forward to. I survived my thursday schedule that totally drained my energy! I need to go to school at 8am every thursday and leave at around 9pm. The time didn’t bother me, but my first two major courses needs a lot of labor. I’m one of the students who received special lessons from my current professor because of what had happened last term. I already forgot half of the things I did yesterday because I was multitasking the class hours.

My drafting and clothing construction professor gave a lot of homework and to be honest with all of you, I don’t even know what to do first. Anyway, I already decided to start today even though I’m still tired from yesterday’s work and there’s a tropical storm in the country. I hope I can finish it very soon so that I wouldn’t do anything for the next coming days. I am also very thankful that my night class professor was very nice and dismissed our class thirty minutes earlier. It’s only a design foundation class and I’m with a bunch of film, fashion and multimedia arts students! Our professor told us that she prepared a lot of activities outside our school and it totally made me really excited for the whole term. 

I’m going back to work guys, stay safe! :-)

Second term just started this week and I am already feeling the pressure. Honestly, I didn’t go to my other classes yet because I wanted to take rest and clearly, I wasn’t ready to go to school. I’ve spend most of my time cooking dinner, taking care of my brothers, buying materials for my fashion majors, taking our family dog for a walk, and spending some quality time with the whole family. Even though, I got all the time in my hands, the only time I can devote for my blog are my weekends. 

Also, I always look forward to the weekends because I got to spend it with my family and Jieno. Since my father went home, our family decided to eat dinner outside our house every weekends. My father also asked me for the places our family haven’t visited yet; I told him that instead of going to malls and expensive restaurants, our family should spend some time visiting historical places or tourists spot, so that he wouldn’t waste a lot of money. I want my siblings to grow up seeking for the great adventure and by doing so, I show them travel blogs and photos of beautiful places in different countries every time I get home from Manila. This is why I love weekends so much; it’s all for my family. 

The Weirdest of them All



Sigh, my flight got cancelled yesterday because of Force Majeure. I’m still upset right now but my parents and I are planning to rebook another flight after September 25 or on my sister’s term break. I was lucky enough to get a four days break for the second term! It means that I can go home to Calbayog any time I want. Anyway, even though I didn’t get the chance to get the vacation I really wanted, I am currently spending it with my family and I’m very happy to spend some quality time with my brothers. I was also cleaning up my phone and deleted tons of photos on my VSCO library, I didn’t realise until now that my life has been pretty adventurous after all.

I wish for these adventures to be spontaneous, small or big, as long as I am with the people I love. It’s September already but I still have 117 days left until next year, I’m not going to lose hope! Getting out of the topic, I am also getting a lot of request on the things you guys want to see on my blog, but every time I was about to write all of your requests, I always get mental block. What if I record a video blog instead of writing all of it? 

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