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Hello people, I hope you’ll vote for me. Thank you so much! :-)

I accepted my flaws and stopped trying to be different, because no matter how hard I try, I will always be the same with other people. The reason why I became fragile was because I tried too hard, and now that I freed my spirit, I’m starting show who Julia Angelica P. Oasin really is. Thinking about my age and how I have been so reckless all my life made me go through another phase. I started to stand up for the things I truly believe and started caring more on the things that are more important in my life than I thought it would be. I am still vain but it doesn’t mean that I only love myself. I learned that to love other people, I should love myself first; The real me. I understood the fact that no matter how beautiful people are, they’re going to be mean or nice to me as well as I am going to be with them. I’m no different but it doesn’t mean I am worthless. 

Philippine Textile Research Institute 07-15-2014 

Hello people! After a week I finally got the chance to write the things that happened last tuesday. Besides that tuesday was the day Typhoon Glenda went to Manila, it was also the day that my block mates and I were scheduled for a tour in PTRI. I wish I had taken important notes because I cannot remember much of what really happened but I’ll try my very best to share the things that I remembered!

  • So I went to school around 11:30 am! Our departure time was supposedly 12pm but we left around one in the afternoon. It was scorching hot that day and I was wearing an oversize sweater because I thought it was going to be really rainy. I was wrong.
  • It only took us 20 minutes to reach Bicutan, Taguig City. I was and still amaze on their own mrt service or whatever they call it! The first thing my block mates and I had done was to watch a short film about PTRI and how it can make a difference to the Philippines industry, it is also the lead textile research and development agency of the DOST. It also says on their brochure that the PTRI is dedicated to transferring technologies and rendering technical services that aid the country’s textile and allied industries, achieve global competitiveness by promoting the use of indigenous recourses and developing technical competence in textile production and quality assurance. 
  • After the film showing, they showed us the natural dyes and fibres that our indigenous plants like luyang dilaw, buko husk, talisay and bayabas can produce. After showing the final products, they showed us how the fibres and dyes were processed. I love how the organic cotton became so fluffy when it went to a Blowroom process.
  • The rain started to pour around 3pm but it didn’t stop us from exploring PTRI. The officers also showed us how they dye the fibres and how tons of threads can make a fabric for T-shirts. They also have their own room for making hand woven fabrics! They told us that we can visit them again and enroll ourselves to learn natural weaving or for OJT! 

I am aiming to be a textile designer after college and the PTRI tour really taught me a lot about the path I want to take. The whole tour made me really excited to finish fashion design and merchandising! Ah, a year and a half left…. or more!! :-)

Finding the right elegant dress for the cheapest price

Hello people my week was a disaster because of the typhoon Glenda, sigh. Anyway, I was also having a hard time finding the right outfit for a big party next week, and to be honest with you guys, it took me weeks to find the perfect garment that I want to use for the special occasion that I will be attending. Finally, after searching online, I think I already found the dress that I really fancy!


I found this elegant full rose print, sweetheart neckline, sleeveless, and pleated dress on! I love how vintage it looks and how the pleats was sewn. This dress is originally $35 (1,400 PHP) but I will be saving $10 because it’s 30% off for the whole month of July!


These are the photos of the dress (with belt) when worn. There are actually a lot of ways to style this dress and because of that fact, it made me love the dress even more! It’s very chic garment that every women deserves to have inside their closet. What do you think guys? :-)

I’ve been really inspired for the past few weeks even though the typhoon Glenda made me unproductive for three days. There are a lot of work and blog posts that I haven’t started yet and I cannot wait for the internet to come back so I can start drafting. I really hate doing nothing the whole day and now that electricity came back, inspiration and creative juices started flowing. 

So last week, I decided to buy a new watercolour on The Oil Paint Store! I thought I’ll be receiving the watercolour a week late because of the typhoon, but I received the package right on time. I started using my new watercolours yesterday and for the second day of productivity, I tried something new. I didn’t expect I could paint like this, I’m not saying its great, but these dolphins are really pretty for me. I also got a lot of inspiration from Jamie Catt and hopefully I’ll find my own craft and style soon.  A+ for productivity! :-)

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