Hi Julia! :) Please do a "what's on my iPhone" post :D :D - Anonymous

Like posting the apps I use? I love that Idea! :-)

READING Philippine Airline website to book a flight going to Samar. My mother won’t allow me to travel on land because this is the first time I’m going to travel alone. I really wanted for a land trip but my mother is the boss! Maybe next time? 

WRITING this Sunday Currently and the things that I am going to bring next week. I’m the kind of person who is always forgetful and writing the things I must bring is the only way I can remind myself.

LISTENING to Sam Smith on spotify! I always hear his song on different mixtapes but I only heard of him last VMA’s. I immediately searched his name on google and youtube after his Stay with Me performance. He’s actually the male version of Adele for me!

THINKING about my courses and professors next term. I’m really hoping for the best because I cannot bear rude people specially professors. I’m also thinking about my short vacation with my grandparents because it has been years since my last stay in Samar. 

SMELLING my newly dyed hair! I was torn between black or mahogany red hair colour. I know I’ll look younger if I choose a darker shade so I chose the latter one instead.

HOPING for a great vacation even though it’s only for a few days. I really want to take a break and I think this is it. I missed my mother’s side family so much because I grew up being very comfortable with them, specially my grandmother who has been spoiling me since I was born.

LOVING the gloomy weather, even though it makes me a lot lazier 

WANTING to get the right airplane seat but I cannot decide on my own! What do you think guys? I really want to get a good view for the whole travel.

NEEDING to buy new rulers for next term because my previous professor was the only one who didn’t require us to buy Fashion rulers. 

FEELING happy because Jieno made a surprised visit to me yesterday. I had no idea that he was just outside my house when we were talking yesterday afternoon! We decided to go in my subdivisions club house with my brothers and fly a kite. Jieno and I also went to District with my whole family for dinner but because of the traffic, he went home early.  

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Something New: Makeup Haul


Here’s something interesting, I bought a few makeups for myself even though I don’t really use makeups very often. My sister kept telling me before to buy her a red matte lipstick even though she’s more boyish than me. Anyway, I told her to wait for our birthday so that we can have the budget to buy her own matte lipstick.

1. Mascara Volumizer (PHP 85) - So on our birthday which is also school day, I got the chance to visit Fortunes mart near our school to buy a pillow for my fabdes class. My friends and I roamed a bit and we saw tons of flower crowns and affordable mascaras and long lasting lipsticks. My friends ended up buying makeups and jackstones while I ended up buying two flower crowns, this mascara and this

2. Chanlēevi, lasting finish and intense wearing lipstick (PHP 65) - this is actually my favourite because of its colour. I know buying cheap makeup is dangerous but these products works really well for me.

3. Ultra curl mascara, Hint of colour (cherry flavoured gloss), High Shine gloss (pink and nude colour) love & beauty by Forever21 - After my birthday dinner, Anjanette and I went to forever21 to shop some clothes. I took half of my time on their makeups because I know my sister and my mom can handle all the clothes.

4. Revlon Matte Colorburst, Matte Balm - I did find some matte lipsticks at Forever21, but I didn’t find any colour that my sister like. I went to the department store (Moa) and went to Revlon. I asked the saleslady for the lipstick and she gave me two kinds, the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and the Colorburst. I fell in love with both of the products! I decided to buy both and give the Just Bitten Lipstain to my sister.

When I first tried the Revlon Matte Balm, I feel like I’m wearing the same lipstick that Kylie Jenner is currently using. My lips became fuller! Not complaining tho, it looks good anyways.

After all the stress and dramas, fashion design students hard work finally paid off. All of our final projects were combined for the exhibit that started just last week! Putting them together made the whole 8th floor of School of Design & Arts really beautiful. I really love the projects that the seniors made and some of my block mates who made apparels for the exhibit. Now that the first term is finally over, I cannot wait for the next term to start so that I could learn more, because honestly, I was a bit unfortunate that I got the crappy professors. Even though I didn’t learn much, I’ve been practicing my sewing since my father bought my own portable sewing machine two weeks ago. Teaching myself through youtube videos and books is a bit stressful, but totally worth of my time.

Thank  You for giving me someone I can lean on everyday. Someone that I know will be there even though we’d fought so many times. I couldn’t imagine my life without my younger sister, specially that I have three younger brothers who I really love but annoys me most of the time. And even though we don’t share or spill our deepest secrets to each other, we always try to understand our different situations. I hate it when she suddenly cries to me and I couldn’t do anything but comfort her. I never realize until now that when people hurt her, they actually hurt me more, because I never wanted to see my sister to be in a place I never wanted to be into. Anjanette and I are not only sisters by blood; we are soul sisters, and I will always be beside her through thick and thin.

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