Finally it’s friday! I woke up a bit late today because schoolwork consumed most of my time, and I didn’t get enough sleep for the past few days. I always feel tired nowadays even though I’m not doing anything, honestly, I still don’t know why. I really want to pamper myself this weekend before the midterm week starts just so I can save up my energy for the things I’ll be doing for the next coming days. Anyway, even though I really am busy, I always make sure to make time for my online journal, so here it is! 

FABDES 2, also called as Fabric Design class, is my favourite course this term. We have been dyeing fabrics in different kind of methods for the past few weeks. I enjoyed it mostly because it didn’t put any pressure to me while doing different kind of experiments, unlike sewing or designing clothes. I was even planning to transfer in UP and take up Clothing Technology, but I also realise later that the years I’ve spent in csb will be put into waste (plus the tuition). Setting aside my plans, I cannot wait for whats in store for the half of the term! All I know is that we will have another tour this November. I’m also stoked for next week because I will be visiting Ayala Museum for my other course. I’m going with a group of film, animation and mma majors! I cannot wait ti share it with you guys, have a blessed friday! :-) 

Even though schoolwork is currently stressing me out for over two weeks now, I am grateful that I can still find time to do what I really love. I can never abandon my passion because, honestly, it keeps me going even through the hard times. My passion motivated me. The moment I left high school, I knew I wasn’t cut out to get the courses that my parents wanted me to take even though I passed them because, I was never interested in academics. I knew it would be really hard for me, because I already had a hard time four years ago. I barely made it! I thought I will never find the things I am good at but I am very happy that I took the right path after all; well almost. Anyway, I’m still young, I know sooner or later things will finally get better for me. Specially that there are people who support me every time I wanted to give up. I know life isn’t going to be easy for me, but as long as art and love exists, I wouldn’t give up so easily.

You were never there for me in the first place, but here I am, dying to get an approval from you.

And I will wander the world with pure passion.

Will you travel with me?

Celebrating my mother’s 41st birthday & grandmother’s 82nd Birthday

Before starting my week with tons of schoolwork, I decided to devote a small time for my blog today because to be honest with all of you, I miss the chill weeks and spontaneously writing my everyday know-hows here on my blog.  Anyway, last week was pretty great because my family celebrated my mother and grandmother’s birthday.

  • September 25

My schedule every Thursday is always full and ditching my classes last week was really a risk for me. I needed to pass a lot of designs for my drafting class and of course, finish all my sewing homework. I got tons of homework and my brain keep on telling me to drop my classes, but I’m not giving up easily even though my professor’s demands are really stressing me out. So anyway, before deciding whether I’ll ditch my Thursday class last week, Jieno visited me here in Manila! I was really surprised because he didn’t tell me anything and I know that he’s very busy because of his long exams in UP.

My boyfriend also helped me doing my homework and he studied a bit after helping me. After long hours of working on my plates, I decided to ditch my classes because even though I finished something, there’s still a lot of stuff to do and the time wasn’t enough to finish all my work. I spent the rest of my free time with Jieno and after that, he went back to UP for his afternoon class. My mother celebrated her birthday at Food Club in Blue wave, Pasay City. I think I ate four plates of food because I was really hungry the whole day. We also roamed in Blue Wave a bit because there were new restaurants and a life size snake and ladder for the kids to play with.

  • September 27 & 28

Before last week even started, my father told me that my grandmother will be celebrating her 82nd birthday on September 28 but her real birthday is also September 25 just like my mother. My father and my two siblings left Cavite around 1 in the afternoon. It took us 5 hours to get to Tarlac but I love land travels with my family so much I didn’t mind the time. My family ate dinner right away and because I was in the province, most of the food that I ate are vegetables and fried palakang bukid. My cousins went to Tarlac the next day.

There were a lot of people going in and out of my Lola’s house because of her birthday celebration; it was fun but the freaking heat destroyed the mood for me. I decided to sleep the whole afternoon and I took care of my brother as well. We left Tarlac at 4pm so we could tour our farm a bit. I was a bit sad that I didn’t get a lot of time to visit other places but visiting Tarlac is refreshing. Now that September will end today, I’m giddy for my next trip with my sister on her coming term break! 

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